Peer together to create a win-win situation----2018 Haiwell foreign dealers conference

From 15th-19th, January-2018, the second Haiwell foreign dealers conference about technical training exchange was held at Haiwell company. Distribution representatives from all over the world gathered to Xiamen together not only to celebrate the big harvest we had in 2017, but also shared results and exchanged experiences, whats more, it was a great time for everyone discussing plans of 2018 to further better cooperation.

2017 was a successful year. Foreign distributor team of Haiwell was getting stronger and stronger in 2017. With the concerted efforts of Haiwell and foreign distributors, Haiwell is constantly expanding in the international market, more and more foreign users knows the Haiwell products now.

At the beginning of this conference, Haiwell general manager Gongsong Cai had an opening speech, and represented all members of Haiwell to welcome the foreign distributors. Then he briefed Haiwell products features and new achievements of R & D in 2017 to inspire partners with new ideas for marketing. Everyone backed to the warm applause, the next few days of exchange and sharing were full of expectation!

According to many domestic and foreign user feedbacks, if Haiwell products and technology want to be recognized and accepted by users, what is needed is only a well-understood process. Haiwell products with superior technical advantages, convenient operation, coupled with its continuous breakthroughs in innovative technologies and application concepts, product types continue to expand, the application continues to enrich and improve. In addition to providing more solutions for users, we try our best to help users reduce application costs and provide users with more and more user-friendly experiences.
       To our partnership, Haiwell believes 1+1>2 as a win-win corporation. Haiwell is now building a good platform of mutual profits and win-win cooperation for our partners to face different problems and catch win-win business opportunities.
       Our partners in the conference expressed their opinions and suggestions on how to further develop the local market, deepen the cooperation among dealers and expand Haiwell cooperation network, and put forward a lot of valuable suggestions for further cooperation and development in the future. The live discussion atmosphere was very active.

In addition to sharing experiences, of course, there was Haiwell technical training. A number of Haiwell technical engineers not only provided you with a detailed professional product descriptions, vivid application of sample cases show, it was arranged to give enough time for everyone to operate, hands-on guidance, and for everyone's practical questions given Haiwell characteristic solution. Of course, our R & D and marketing staffs have got many new needs information from customers, which laying a solid foundation for our future in-depth compliance with overseas market demand and targeted R & D and sales.

Through this conference, partners have a deeper and updated understanding of Haiwell product technology and culture. The conference played an active role in promoting the feelings of our partners and their close relationship with each other, laying a solid foundation for more pleasant and smooth cooperation in the future. We will work together to expand the vast international market!

Let us look forward to the next wonderful reunion!


Dear all, thank you all for coming and making the first Haiwell Overseas Distributors Meeting & Technical Traininig a big success!

The attendees came from 14 different countries (Ukraine, Spain, Argentina, Bulgaria, Thailand, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Bolivia, Australia, France, Russia, Bengal, Ecuador) that created a great and truly international atmosphere.

Throughout our five-day meeting, we had Haiwell products trainning & operation sessions by Haiwell technical department, and also we were pleased to have informative and inspirational sessions with engaging speakers Mr. Meidad and Dr. Daniel covering how to promote Haiwell brand and Haiwell PLC application.

We would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone for your professionalism and great content! Without you the meeting couldn’t come to life.  If you were there please be sure to share feedback, we can learn from your feedback and make the next meeting even better!

Thanks again for taking part of the meeting. We hope to see you at the next one!


In this harvest season,the 18th  Chinese International Industrial exhibition is holded  from 1st,Nov.2016 to 5th,Nov.2016 in Shanghai exhibition hall.Bringing its latest products and programs,Haiwell made a bright scene and attracted many customer to visit.Many clients felt surprised and gave much praise to Haiwell’s newly developed products.Here follow me to to see the lively atmosphere in Haiwell booth.

Ten years professional experience and keeping updating constantly to satisfy our customer’s requirement.This year,our new plc with Ethernet port brightened in exhibition and it was highly welcomed by our old and new customers. 

Haiwell PLC has good communication ability,it used serial port networking before ,but now it has newly developed PLC with ethernet port and there are more diversified ways in networking.In the application layer,PLC hosts connect to a number of slave stations and upper PCs to form network.PLCs with Ethernet port connect to industrial Ethernet switch.In the SCADA control room,engineers and operators can use Haiwell Cloud Scada to make real-time controlling.In addition,with the platform of Haiwell cloud,it can achieve remote monitoring and control,so the engineer can master and monitor it within one thousand miles away.

The full range of host PLCs and remote modules of Haiwell support Ethernet function. Haiwell PLCs support master station and slave station with parallel operation by MODBUS-TCP.Integrated powerful ethernet communication ability makes haiwell product easy for distributed installation,saving wiring time and space,easy for building automation and other on-site industrial control.

Here,our highlight points,our new test platform-spider hand.Also our interpolation platform, follow-up platform and temperature control test platform.The full set sof test platform’s core control parts are from Haiwell original R&D .It provides our customer with overall solution and Haiwell has this ability.

Haiwell test platforms allowed user to make actual operation.It is because its powerful feature and friendly user operation way,attracting many customer to visit.

In this exhibition,well organization,good arrangement,all showed Haiwell’s good team spirit and constant R&D power and fruitful achievement.

Haiwell technology has gradually extended deep into foreign market. During this exhibition,Middle east,central and south America,Southeast Asia,Africa,Europe and many other oversea customers gave much praise to Haiwell products,showing much interest,having strong willing to cooperate with Haiwell.Some customer take photo with Haiwell Overseas Team.

A lot of harvest from exhibition,it is because the hardworking of Haiwell team. Below isa beautiful photo to show our team.


Over these years,Haiwell keeps innovating and leading the development of automation enterprises,with varieties of upgrades,structural optimization efforts to enhance competitiveness.High-tech,high-challenge,high value-added good marks to haiwell products.We believe under the wise leadership and all department’s hardworking of Haiwell,our product will reach each corner of world and shine brightly.




Keep running, let wonderful product continue!


It was a really great journey that Haiwell team had spent so beautiful time together at Huangshan at July 29-31/ 2016. Feeling thankful and it sure will be a nice memory in life for everyone.


Huangshan is a mountain range in southern Anhui province in eastern China. Vegetation on the range is thickest below 1,100 meters (3,600 ft), with trees growing up to the treeline at 1,800 meters (5,900 ft).


We would like to share some beautiful monents by photography with all, hope you will love it too.

Xiamen Haiwell Technology Co.,Ltd. attended SPS-Industrial Automation Fair Guangzhou from March 9 to 11, 2015. Haiwell’s theme was “safety of industrial control, the new Haiewll”in this exhibition.

During the exhibition, we displayed the latest main PLC products: H / N series (high speed pulse type / motion control type) host, B series of iron (preferential) host, DT series of digital temperature and humidity module, this high performance and high quality products have their advantages, they would better appease different customers demand .

we would welcome new and old customers to visit the guidance with a new company image and professional knowledge and service attitude to .